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Nail Polish Remover - 125ml

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Nail Polish Remover without acetone 

Acetone-free nail polish remover.

How do you use it?

Apply to a cotton ball, then apply the cotton ball to your nail and let it soak for a few seconds, then you can easily remove nail polish.

Why LLN chooses it

Acetone can damage your nail in the long term. Therefore, it is best to always choose a dissolvant without acetone to protect your nail. Alessandro makes it possible to have beautiful nails, with color or without, lac sensation or striplac, without or with as little damage as possible. By removing your nail polish with a dissolvant like this (and nail polish like Alessandro, vegan and 7-free), you won't damage the nail. If you have nails that need extra care, you can also opt for a Nail polish remover from the Brittle Nails, Soft Nails or Lotus range.

Alessandro is a brand that does not want to damage the nails and above all wants to work with care. Whether you want Gelish, Striplac, nail polish or just care, they do everything they can to protect and care for the nail as much as possible.

In terms of care, they have developed 3 different ranges, specifically for the needs of each type of nail.

  • Normal, healthy nails: they are often dry with a lack of fats and moisture. They still need constant care: for these nails you choose the yellow range, the Lotus range.
  • Brittle nails, no oily shine, lack of moisture, can be split, and have dry cuticles: then you choose the pink range, the Brittle Nails range.
  • Do you have soft nails with an oily shine, flexible, nails that can crack. Then you choose the blue gamut.


Acetone-free – Rapidly and carefully removes nail polish.

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