Collection: Sun cream from Institut Esthederm

Institut Esthederm actively protects your skin from the sun. A combination with external protection, but also internal protection by stimulating your tanning, by strengthening your cells internally for the sun.

Institut Esthederm was created because Dr. Thorel had a sun allergy and was looking for a product with which he could still tolerate the sun. That has been very successful, because with the Intolerance Solaire (the white range) you teach your skin back how it should protect itself against the sun through inner protection, but of course also provides high external protection. Especially for skin that has sun allergy, is sun sensitive or burns first and then turns white again.

Stimulates the orange gamma your tan so that this also stimulates your inner protection. 2 suns gives a medium protection, 3 suns a high protection.
The orange range for "sensitive skin" is especially for a skin that burns first and then turns brown.